Maid To Be Famous And Did The Butler Do It?

Notoriety in the maid, butler or house keeping industry is always going to be a challenge and to actually become famous usually involves the wrong kind of notoriety or indeed infamy. A quick search of the term reveals the top three were involved in:

  1. a mixture of witchcraft trials at Salem,
  2. a gruesome murder in a motel,
  3. lastly one hung for their part in a murder.

The subject matter suddenly piques interest or at the other end of the scale, grave concern.

The list soon dwindles to a rather dull account of actual maids who worked for their clients and did admirable work for their profession. But for the thirsty millennial’s of today it is hardly newsworthy. Further investigation of the search term “famous maids” then brings us to the various maids that have appeared on TV shows and this includes some of my favorites.

Depending on your age, nationality, TV show preference then the list may be ‘spot on’ or you may feel there are a few missing. For me, the quintessential butler or maid that displays all the hallmarks of a fame required to hold a title to describe as famous, is Jeeves.

The literary creation of PG Wodehouse as the long suffering gentleman servant to Bertram Wooster. The books inspired film, a television series and ultimately an online search engine, Ask Jeeves.

Those not accustomed to the woes and wonders of PG Wodehouse’s intelligent and delectable Jeeves have a lot of very enviable virgin hours of enjoyment ahead of them should they wish to make themselves acquainted with the dapper pair.

Many will recognize the image of a young Hugh Laurie (below) from his role in House. However, Jeeves was played by Stephen Fry, the rather fluffy and squishy English actor who coincidentally wrote one of my favorite novels. (I will leave you to read them all, then you may ask which it was).

To Jeeves though, the character is played to perfection by Fry and an appreciation of the books to the on screen acting and his portrayal is to be admired and applauded. Unfortunately, my bias and favoritism towards Stephen Fry could be construed as unfair when looking at the top butlers or maids on TV, but seeing as this is my subjective opinion I can confirm he his the top choice and overall winner.

If Stephen should read this, he may wish come to my office in Scottsdale and collect his prize, a worthwhile detour from his busy schedule I am sure. After all, travel is highly educational even if you were full up years ago.

The butler did it! Indeed he did, but maybe only for me and might not have been for you. The question remains and opinions will forever be divided, who do we crown at the inaugural Maid and Butler Awards? And perhaps as important, who is going to host such an event, Juliet Mills?

So what did we learn today?

1. Famous real life maids were infamous.
2. Stephen Fry is fluffy.
3. Juliet Mills played a bar maid in a 1960’s Carry On film.

In conclusion, nothing can really be determined without reading The Liar whilst watching back to back episodes of Jeeves and Wooster with a hangover cure concocted at the bar by Juliet Mills to a recipe proffered by Jeeves.