Highland Cleaning Blog

My name is Chris, I intend to write a cleaning blog.

It is a common mistake to assume anything.  It makes an “ass” of “u” and “me”.

Furthermore, to take advantage of one assuming I am writing a cleaning blog exclusively about cleaning could be construed as deceitful. Especially if they are intentionally doing something completely the opposite or withholding certain facts about how they are achieving the original project goals. Even more so if your boss is your wife.

The Highland Cleaning Blog is an example of this very situation.

The boss has asked me to keep a current and up to date blog for the website and although I will give this 100%, perhaps even more, it might not be appear to be within the parameters the boss has set.

Cleaning topics was requested.  Tenuous cleaning topics I will provide.  Please enjoy the dancing man and bunny drummer!

January 2018 – update follows:

I am rather enjoying the experience of writing the blogs and occasionally I just manage to write something informative and interesting.  I shall continue in my efforts this year to produce readable, credible and interesting articles.

Infamous maids – link

A cleaning space adventure – link

Cleaning a Scottsdale Hedgehog – link

Vinegar tricks – link

As time progresses the blog content grows and grows the diversity of topics will indeed reveal something about the writer.  Guest blogging on Green Me Locally (December 2017) was great and hopefully I can explore more opportunites to write my findings, thoughts and musing on others blog pages.  Whatever I write, I enjoy it.  The subject matter inconsequential.  All I need to do is find a way to engage my boss to allow its inclusion on a cleaning website.  The challenge has been set, primarily by myself, but I will continue to write, explore, grow and learn.

I hope you enjoy it and if you have any ideas or comments, topics or interests you wish me to write about I would love to hear from you and make your tenuous cleaning link to subject come true!