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Cleaning Services

Vacation Rental Cleaning


Dedicated cleaning teams provide “hotel ready” properties on every turnaround.

Scheduling software and confirmation emails/texts for peace of mind, we will be there and on time.

Linens and laundry came be done on or off site, as per each vacation rental requirement.

Keeping the home stocked with supplies, toiletries etc, we keep inventory for you and will communicate shortages.

Reporting lost or broken items – photo documentation – storing lost property for guests too.

Online invoicing and secured payment methods available.

Call or email us to arrange a free consultation.



Residential Cleaning


One Time Deep Cleaning, Weekly, Bi-weekly, Monthly or Seasonal.             Book now!

Many more extra services can be added to your custom cleaning schedule – you need only ask.

Oven cleaning – an expertly clean oven will help you keep a safe cooking environment as well as looking nice.

Linen Change – you spend a third of your life in bed, let us keep it fresh and clean with a linen change.

Laundry can be washed, dried and folded at your request, perhaps one less task for you at the end of a long day.

BBQ Grill cleaning – another little job done no one really likes to tackle, let us take care of it.

There are many more extra services available, again, just ask.




Post Renovation Cleaning


We use true triple High Efficiency Particle Arresting (Hepa) filters.

We have the tools to complete the final clean to a high standard.

Working with many remodelling professionals in the valley.

With 4 levels of filtration these vacuums remove the dust, not just move the dust.

By using 4 level filtration vacuums we can capture asthma and allergy triggers like pollen, dander, bacteria and dust.

We don’t just move the dust, we remove the dust!

Contact us with your questions about cleaning your after your remodel



Office Cleaning

Professional office cleaning services.

Floor care, trash disposal, restroom cleaning, furniture and high dusting, break-room cleaning.

Please contact us for a personal quote for your office and you can focus on your business while we focus on the cleaning.

Secure online payments or monthly invoicing

Scheduling software for accurate bookings, confirmations and communication.

Let us visit your office and we can quote you for our regular cleaning services.