Christmas clean up is almost as sad to write as it is to carry out the actual task.  The whole process of cleaning away the festive cheer can often leave us deflated but on the other hand, many of us are happy to have our homes back to ‘normal’.

One area that The Highland Cleaning Company recently investigated was the environmental impact Christmas trees have, both real and fake, and the twinkling lights associated with every tree. The article features on and takes a lighthearted look at what effect Christmas may have on our environment when we look at what natural resources we use during this indulgent season.

One easy way to ensure we reduce our waste and boost our green efforts is to recycle our Christmas trees.

For our regular clients who may need assistance with disposing and treecyling then please ask and we will be able to help.  In Scottsdale the collection of your tree for treecylcling will ensure it is collected and turned into mulch or compost.  Check with the City of Scottsdale for the collection roundup dates and be sure to have your tree out early.

Another important note to make is ensure your tree is de-decorated, un-decorated, naked of decoration, what ever the term is for a Christmas tree with no decorations.  No ornaments, lights, garlands, tinsel, hooks, metal stakes, and certainly no tree stands either.  Also note that treecylcing is not intended for trees that have been sprayed with imitation snow, so please consider this before spraying a tree in the first place.

If you do miss the roundup then be sure to check out Scottsdale Ranch Park, Thompson Peak Park or Eldorado Park where they should have a drop area to ensure your tree makes it way to a life of compost or mulch from Jan 6th through 14th.

Green, clean and mulch.