Enhanced Cleaning: Covid Update


Enhanced Home Cleaning Standards

We have placed significant effort and focus on ensuring the health and safety of our homeowners, guests, vendors, team members and community. Today we are excited to share the following enhancements to the way in which we care for and clean a home in the age of COVID-19. Our team is in the process of being Certified following these enhanced standards. Checking the Health of our team is very important and is monitored. Ensuring they have the appropriate PPE equipment.


Confirming the use of COVID-19 fighting cleaning products:

Our professional housekeepers follow stringent cleaning standards, customized for the home. Our products are Professional Grade and provided by Eco lab, the same products used in hospitals and hotels and recommended by the CDC. EPA’s Registered Antimicrobial Products for Use Against Novel Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2, the Cause of COVID-19. Kill time is more advance than regular household cleaners. SPRAY AND WIPE USING ECO LAB PEROXIDE MULTI SURFACE (RECOMMENDED PRODUCT BY UNITED STATES ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION AGENCY.




Kills Norovirus in as little as 45 seconds

Kills SARS-CoV-2 in 30 seconds


Kills Influenza A and B virus

Salmonella enterica

MRSA, HIV, Canine Parvovirus

among other organisms in 3-5 minutes.

Click here for more information



Enhanced home cleaning standards checklists:

We have also rolled out updated checklists with more rigorous standards regarding cleaning high-traffic areas and high-touch surfaces like doorknobs, handles and light switches, in line with CDC guidelines.

⦁    Wipe down touch areas light switches, lamps, cupboard handles, doorknobs, banisters, remotes, and thermostats, fan pulls and door frames, garage remotes etc.

⦁    Sanitize/disinfect high-traffic areas like bathroom toilets, sinks and trash cans.

⦁    Wipe down all appliances, electronics, and provided amenities.

⦁    Wear new disposable gloves

⦁    Use new Disposable Sponges

⦁    Clean rags and mop heads per home.

⦁    70% alcohol granite and finish spray.

⦁    All Equipment and supply caddy's will be sprayed with Eco Lab Peroxide.

⦁    New Vac bags will be used in each home.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate in contacting us directly

Thank you for your support and trust in us.

Dust and Allergies

Dust ~ A Hidden Cause For Many Allergies

Have you dusted your home today?

The chances are that if you wipe a finger across a certain household surface that you will come into contact with dust. Just by looking around you, you will find the stuff everywhere.

What is Dust?

Previously it was considered that the dust particles came from our dead skin, but now it is proven that the household dust is a blend from the clothing fibers, animal dander, food particles, carpet fluff, and the dirt from the outdoors. Every time that we open our door or window, we also let airborne debris, soil particles, and pollen get in. Additionally, we mustn’t forget about the dust coming from all the make-up products such as powders.

Is dust dangerous?

Sounds ridiculous but it`s true, dust particles can be dangerous for your health. Dust is the perfect breeding ground for all sorts of insects and allergens.

  • Dust mites are small beings that cannot be seen with the eye but only with a microscope and they actually feed on the dust. Since you can`t see them, you won`t even know that they live in your home. They can settle into the mattress that you sleep on, deep within your carpet, your curtains, and their number can increase as much as a few thousand to millions. If you discover an object infected with dust mites the best way to kill them is to freeze the item or wash it with hot water. These tiny creatures are hazardous because their droppings can carry airborne illnesses or diseases.

Allergic Reactions

Sometimes having too much dust in your home might be the direct cause of some allergic reactions. Common signs are a runny nose, often sneezing, red and itchy eyes, coughing, and skin irritation. Keeping your home clean and dust-free is the number one step in prevention against common allergies.

For those of us affected by allergies (the author included) and looking for a holistic approach to allergies, you may find this a very interesting article surrounding the benefits of turmeric and its ability to fight off allergy-related symptoms.

How to keep your home dust-free?

  1. Use the right vacuum

If you want to get rid of all the dust particles suction alone is not enough. If you want high-quality results you need to use a vacuum cleaner with a powerful agitator such as the ProTeam Vacuums. The company itself is highly innovative always working on improving their models in terms of being even lighter in weight, ergonomic to use, quick, efficient, and powerful. They are the perfect solution when it comes to getting rid of the excessive dust.

  1. Organize your closets

Try boxing and bagging all of the clothes since they are constantly shredding fibers that tend to flutter around with you opening your closet`s doors. The clear plastic containers are the best since you can see the content through them.

  1. Change your bedding every week

Since we do spend a lot of amount in our bed they are collecting a lot of dead skin and dust hence why it is so important to change them at least once a week.

What are HEPA filters and their importance?

HEPA (high-efficiency particulate air) is an already well-known filter held accountable for its superhero abilities to capture even the slightest particles of dust, dander, and other common allergens. This is vital when it comes to fighting the allergies and their unbearable symptoms.



Deep Cleaning Macedonian Style

Introducing You to “Generalka”

Have you ever heard of this small yet beautiful country located in the heart of the Balkan Peninsula named Macedonia?

Stunning nature all around populated with warm and welcoming people. The citizens will make you feel like home offering traditional Macedonian food created with much love and passion. Loud and friendly with a lot of weird habits, never starting their day before drinking the first Turkish coffee in the calmness of their own home. The family is a cherished unity and so nurturing habits of wholesomeness and taking care of other people is very important.

Within the first few days of any visit, you will learn that the traditional yet common prejudices exist, such as the men having the last word in the home and being dominant and usually found in his natural habitat drinking beer with his friends. On the contrary, ever since their young age, the girls are thought as being dominant in keeping the household clean and always preparing the lunch for the family. As the new generations are approaching, the struggle to break the chains and break the usual stigmas continues.

Church of St John the Theologian – at Kaneo, Ohrid, Macedonia

The Cleaning Tradition Named Generalka

However, one tradition tends to remain unchanged “The Generalka Day”. This might be unfamiliar to you but it is a long-lasting tradition. It usually happens once a month or before important events in the home such as Christmas or Easter. Usually, the mother with the daughter come together to thoroughly clean the ENTIRE HOME.

Yes, you heard me well, the entire home.

It is a long and painstaking process and it usually looks like a bomb dropped into the house/apartment before it’s all shiny and clean again. Starting by rearranging all of the closets and throwing into the trash everything that is unnecessary or old, to wiping and cleaning every surface in the home. It`s not an usual site seeing a woman climbing on one or even two chairs, gazing over the broadly opened window trying to make them seem perfect and spotless. Usually, in this process, natural products such as vinegar, alcohol, lemon, and baking soda are used.

They tend to be eco-friendly plus abrasive too. The cleaning recipes are handed over from one generation to another like a well-kept hidden secret. The first thing before cleaning the windows is to throw the curtains into the washing machine and then when the entire Generalka is done, they are put right back on. All the natural plants are cleaned  with fresh water only, wiping and dusting their leaves off. Next thing is cleaning the carpets and the wooden floors. Specially designed cleaning products and a game called “making every corner as clean as your bed” can begin.

Last but not least, is cleaning the dust that has accumulated on the surfaces in the home. Moving and rearranging the furniture is not an unusual thing during Generalka. As weird as it sounds, you might come back home and find your bed in a completely new location. The bathroom and the kitchen are not left out when doing Generalka.

These cleaning habits are a completely normal thing in Europe and specifically in Macedonia. The entire family comes together for the sole purpose of cleaning the entire home. It`s a way of making preparations and welcoming new seasons appropriately into the home.

The practice of Deep Cleaning, Spring Cleaning and Seasonal Cleaning is not new to any of us, but to have a great name like "Generalka Day" and create a family tradition that bonds and strengthens relationships is something to cherish and develop.

How to Clean a Baseball Bat

Cleaning a Baseball Bat


When the need to clean a baseball bat arises its good to consider the hows, the whys and the whats. The performance of the player and the bat must be in tip top condition and consideration on keeping it clean reflects not only on performance, but also the players pride and respect in his bat.  Perhaps the marks, dents, scratches and dirt might be all battle weary game scars to be proud of, but keeping equipment clean is essential for continued use and success.

Material Facts

Composite Bat

Typically made of a graphite-fiber material, this is a carbon and epoxy resin combination. There are also titanium options in composite bats. It creates a bat that is stronger than steel but lighter in weight, giving higher swing speeds and more power.  Keeping the bat in good shape requires cleaning and care.  Despite its durability and weight advantages, composite bats must be cleaned to maintain performance and reduce wear and tear.

Aluminium Bat

Aluminum bats are made from, you got it, aluminum. To be precise, its an aluminum alloy.  The quality of the aluminum affects the cost of the bat and its strength and weight is governed by the mixture of the alloys: mainly zinc, copper, magnesium, zirconium and scandium.  For example, increased amounts of zirconium leads to more strength and adding higher amounts of scandium further strengthens the bat.  Varying degrees of the alloy content gives rise to the various bat benefits.

To clean a composite or aluminium bat you will need:

  1. Cotton cloth, wash cloth or terry towel.
  2. Bleach free soap, not handsoap, but shampoo can work too.
  3. Mild warm water
  4. Magic Erase
  5. Elbow grease

The Cleaning Steps

Step 1 - Remove dirt and grime with a damp/moist cloth.

Step 2 - Using the bleach free soap mixture with mild warm water to clean scrub clean using elbow grease on tougher marks

Special Note - avoid getting the gripping tape wet.

Step 3 - Tougher stains might benefit from the use of a slightly damp magic eraser.

Step 4 - Rinse bat with clean fresh water to remove any soap residue still on bat.


Step 5 - Dry bat with clean dry soft cloth


Using just water and soap may simply be enough but to fully bring back that sheen and gloss you may need to apply the extra effort as above or even invest in some professional grade cleaners for your baseball bat.




Interesting fact: Cryogenically treated aluminium provides less vibration, better durability and greater 

hitting distances of around 3%


Wooden Bat

The wood used in the manufacture of a wooden baseball bat has changed over the years.  Most are made from Ash but slowly being replaced in popularity by Maple.  Hickory has been used in the past but fallen out of favour.   Although technically not a wood (as its a grass), Bamboo has emerged as a new kid on the field with its light weight and strength benefits.

Once again, cleaning a wooden bat requires some knowledge of what wood you have.  Remember a manufacturers recommendation will always be advised before adopting a cleaning method.  To ensure the wood doesn't deteriorate cleaning and maintenance is essential.

To clean a wooden bat you will need:

  1. Soft clean cloth or towel
  2. Rubbing Alcohol
  3. Wood rolling pin
  4. or another wooden bat
  5. Wood polish
  6. 200 grit or higher sandpaper

The Cleaning Steps

Step 1 - Start at the top of the bat and wiping down to the handle

Step 2 - 1st using a damp soft cloth and water clean as above, do not soak the bat.

Step 3 - Any tough marks or stains, try upgrading the water to rubbing alcohol on the cloth.

Step 4 - Using the fine grit sandpaper on any areas not engraved if stubborn marks remain.

Step 4 - Wood polish will give your bat a nice shiny finish, be careful though!

Note - too much polish will soften the bat and may break when used.

Step 5 - Use a wood rolling pin or another bat to rub against scrapes and scratches to smooth out.


Step 6 - Dry the bat. Store handle up and keep out of humid or extreme temperatures.


There will be many more ways and means to clean a wooden bat.  I would be more than happy to add them, update my own method or even change it on the good advice of my readers, so feel free to comment and let me know.







Cleaning with Vinegar in the Kitchen

Vinegar – Dieting, Roman healthy brews and 5 kitchen cleaning tricks, it really is a versatile solution!

If one was to travel back in time and discuss eating and nutrition tips with Ancient Egyptians or Romans they would have very familiar ideas to our own current day diet fad followers.  Use some vinegar.  They might not exactly mention that its directly for dieting, like our modern mindset beliefs. However, they certainly understood there was a benefit to be had mixing water and vinegar as a refreshing drink at meal times.

Brief history lesson

Posca – the Romans (and the Greeks) mixed sour wine or vinegar with water and herbs to create this popular drank widely by the Roman army and the lower classes. Although a modern day recipe does not exist, possible ingredients were water, vinegar, coriander and honey.

Free stock photo of food, healthy, vegetables, tomatoes

Ancient Egypt – storage jars dating back 3000 years reveals evidence of vinegar contained within. Scholars have shown that vinegar was used for medicinal purposes, as an antiseptic, but also as a weight control substance.

Warning! – White distilled vinegar does not offer the same benefits.

Apple Cider Vinegar is the choice product here, made from nutritious apples into apple cider through fermentation, and then made into vinegar.

That's right, in order to make this beneficial ACV, first you have to let the alcoholic and tasty cider to spoil and go to waste before you can make the less attractive tasting and non-alcoholic Posta.

So now we have drank our energising, healthy vinegar mixture. Improved our breathing and boosted our immune system. Now its time to clean. The list of what vinegar can clean is quite extensive but I have opted just to highlight a few.

Some sneaky wee vinegar kitchen tricks!

Free stock photo of metal, technology, display, kitchen

  1. Oven – a little vinegar, water and baking soda onto the glass door and bottom shelf of the oven. Leave for a few minutes, watch the magic and scrape and clean to perfection.

  1. Microwave – steam the inside of the microwave to remove stuck on food. 4 parts water one part vinegar in a microwave safe bowl for 5 minutes and simply wipe clean.

  1. White water rings – on wood and leather, vinegar is great for removing these pesky wee stains. A mixture of equal parts olive oil and vinegar onto a microfibre cloth and gently rub and remove that stain and enjoy the like new look.

  1. Coffee Machine – improve the taste of your coffee by cleaning out the machine parts with vinegar. Two cups of water to a quarter cup of vinegar and percolate with out coffee. Then a couple more runs just with water to remove any vinegar taste and boom, fresher tasting morning coffee.

  2. Dishwasher – replacing rinse aid with vinegar gives your glasses a special shine and really can clean those ovens dishes that often still come out with stains.

Complete 5 simple vinegar tricks and then have a dance!

The various uses of vinegar are extensive and there are many many more. Compiling a list of all its uses is a task I intend to complete and post on here to provide a comprehensive list.  Not just for my own amusement but for staff, clients and any interested parties.

Indoor Air Quality and Healthier Cleaning with ProTeam

The Highland Cleaning Company Chooses Healthier Cleaning with Vacuums from ProTeam

Thistle Logo for The Highland Cleaning Company

Improving indoor air quality is an added benefit to any home cleaned using a multi-layer filtration vacuum system.

SCOTTSDALE, ARIZONA, USA, October 25, 2017 /EINPresswire.com/ -- The highly competitive market of residential cleaning has led some companies to find differentiating reasons why any individual might choose that company to clean their property. The Highland Cleaning Company, owned by Lisa Campbell, invested in ProTeam vacuums to ensure they had that edge in order to offer an extra dimension to the cleaning process.

Bacteria, pollen, dander and dust can all be asthma or allergy triggers but Campbell opted to invest in equipment that is healthier for customers and the user. ProTeam vacuums retrieve soil and safely contain harmful particles with an advanced filtration system, featuring multiple levels of filters, preventing them from being reintroduced back into the environment.

Most ProTeam vacuums have Four Levels of Filtration, each level designed to sift out smaller and smaller particles. Some backpack models have an easy access, post-motor filter made from HEPA media to capture and contain microscopic particulates and carbon dust. By eliminating the dust and not just moving it around, the process leaves the home healthier by removing the particles and thereby improving the Indoor Air Quality (IAQ).

Many people can spend up to 90% of their time indoors and The Highland Cleaning Company recognized the need to attempt to offer a solution to a situation many customers may be completely unaware of. The nature or source of indoor pollutants is quite extensive but any gas or particles from tobacco smoke, mold, bacteria, furniture, pet hair, even burning candles can all add to a reduction in IAQ. Symptoms of a reduced IAQ can include eye, nose and throat irritations, coughing, wheezing, headaches and in some cases skin irritations.

ProTeam is a proud partner of the American Lung Association in an effort to educate the public about the importance of healthy indoor air.

This unique method of suction-vacuuming cleans carpets, hard floors, and other surfaces without stirring up dust – so the air stays cleaner, the furniture collects less dust, and cleaners can work without breathing unhealthy air. The introduction of these vacuums in The Highland Cleaning Company ensures they offer an opportunity to address these issues and at the very least give their clients and staff an improved cleaning service in the homes they clean.

Maid To Be Famous?

Maid To Be Famous And Did The Butler Do It?

Notoriety in the maid, butler or house keeping industry is always going to be a challenge and to actually become famous usually involves the wrong kind of notoriety or indeed infamy. A quick search of the term reveals the top three were involved in:

  1. a mixture of witchcraft trials at Salem,
  2. a gruesome murder in a motel,
  3. lastly one hung for their part in a murder.

The subject matter suddenly piques interest or at the other end of the scale, grave concern.

The list soon dwindles to a rather dull account of actual maids who worked for their clients and did admirable work for their profession. But for the thirsty millennial's of today it is hardly newsworthy. Further investigation of the search term “famous maids” then brings us to the various maids that have appeared on TV shows and this includes some of my favorites.

Depending on your age, nationality, TV show preference then the list may be 'spot on' or you may feel there are a few missing. For me, the quintessential butler or maid that displays all the hallmarks of a fame required to hold a title to describe as famous, is Jeeves.

The literary creation of PG Wodehouse as the long suffering gentleman servant to Bertram Wooster. The books inspired film, a television series and ultimately an online search engine, Ask Jeeves.

Those not accustomed to the woes and wonders of PG Wodehouse's intelligent and delectable Jeeves have a lot of very enviable virgin hours of enjoyment ahead of them should they wish to make themselves acquainted with the dapper pair.

Many will recognize the image of a young Hugh Laurie (below) from his role in House. However, Jeeves was played by Stephen Fry, the rather fluffy and squishy English actor who coincidentally wrote one of my favorite novels. (I will leave you to read them all, then you may ask which it was).

To Jeeves though, the character is played to perfection by Fry and an appreciation of the books to the on screen acting and his portrayal is to be admired and applauded. Unfortunately, my bias and favoritism towards Stephen Fry could be construed as unfair when looking at the top butlers or maids on TV, but seeing as this is my subjective opinion I can confirm he his the top choice and overall winner.

If Stephen should read this, he may wish come to my office in Scottsdale and collect his prize, a worthwhile detour from his busy schedule I am sure. After all, travel is highly educational even if you were full up years ago.

The butler did it! Indeed he did, but maybe only for me and might not have been for you. The question remains and opinions will forever be divided, who do we crown at the inaugural Maid and Butler Awards? And perhaps as important, who is going to host such an event, Juliet Mills?

So what did we learn today?

1. Famous real life maids were infamous.
2. Stephen Fry is fluffy.
3. Juliet Mills played a bar maid in a 1960's Carry On film.

In conclusion, nothing can really be determined without reading The Liar whilst watching back to back episodes of Jeeves and Wooster with a hangover cure concocted at the bar by Juliet Mills to a recipe proffered by Jeeves.

Dust Bunnies Wanted

This is the first appearance of Dust Bunny on our YouTube channel.

Enjoy this short bunny rock and can you remember the artist and track name?


How to clean space

What do you do if you see a spaceman? Fill it up man! What do you do if you fill all that space with junk? Clean it up man! But how and by whom?

Branson and Bezos seek to offer us the chance to visit space, travel in space and perhaps one day, live in space. Cox, the British physicist, appeared on television recently announcing with giddy excitement, although he gets giddy at a mere mention of a quark, that he seemed to think the reality of space travel and habitation might be within his own lifetime.

Lets take a leap forward to 2050 and imagine the first space tourists peeling overflowing Virgin X sick bags from their chins. As they wipe the last string of gravity-free floating vomit from their eyelashes they turn their attentions to the observation windows.

Eyes wide with anticipation, also from the sting of stomach acid burning their corneas, they gaze at the spectacular wonder of, well, it would have been Earth but unfortunately the mountain of space junk left from almost 100 years of neglectful space exploration has left the view rather masked by an asteroid field of human tech waste.

No five star review on Trip Adviser. Reminds me of Karl Pilkington's words as he stood in the shadow of the great pyramids in awestruck wonder at the tornado of diapers whizzing around his head.

The question then remains, who is responsible for the cleaning operation for space and who will pay for it? The Highland Cleaning Company from Scottsdale would be delighted to bid on this contract as I work for the company and get very giddy at quarks, so would be keen to get my space gloves on and begin cleaning. The reality though is it will take a monumental effort and some outside the atmosphere box thinking to recover the waste and move it on to another location, no doubt to become another generations or even alien race's problem in 100 years.

The European Space Agency proposal for waste collection ranges from a giant net, a robotic arm or some tentacles to capture the mechanical waste now orbiting our planet. All rather clumsy I feel. Typical Europeans.

The Japanese Aerospace Exploration Agency ups the physics ante with an electrodynamic tether whose current would slow down the speed of satellites making them fall closer to death in Earths atmosphere. This solves the problem for future aliens races on where to put the human ZX spectrum waste.

A quirky project named SpaDE, Space Debris Elimination, has a rather odd and whimsical nature to its science by essentially puffing large plumes of air from within the atmosphere to disturb the debris and slow its path causing it to burn up on its decent to Earth.

There are many other proposals out there and the information and accuracy of figures and stats changes month by month so then it begs the question: how much 'stuff' is actually out there?

How big is the problem and should we really be spending our tax dollars or private funds on such a clean up?

One million. There are approximately 1,000,000 pieces of loose fragments orbiting our planet that originated from rocket explosions, launch canisters, collisions and add in a splattering of dust and flakes of paint for extra measure.

There is natural tendency due to gravity for some of this space junk to find its way into Earth's atmosphere and burn up harmlessly but the ratio of whats burning up to what we pump up there is not in our clean green space favor.

What can we do?

I would like to see an international school competition engage the minds of our youngsters to design and dream of possible answers. Not only will it highlight the need to complete such a task to our children but I think they might just invent a space dumpster truck that recycles the junk into rocket colored painted bicycles.

What have we learned today?

1. There are 1,000,000 pieces of junk floating around our planet.
2. The ESA are planning a robotic arm to pick it all up.
3. Karl Pilkington's pyramid report still makes me laugh.

What ever we do, we need to do something. We have polluted our planet. We've changed our oceans, the air we breathe, tampered with our food sources, caused climate change and ravaged ecosystems. We have hurt Mother Earth and now we are slowly hurting her home, space. What ever we do, we should choose to do something, no matter how little, just try and do something.