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Dust and Allergies

~ Dust ~ A Hidden Cause For Many Allergies Have you dusted your home today? The chances are that if you wipe a finger across a certain household surface that you will come into contact with dust. Just by looking around you, you will find the stuff everywhere. What is Dust? Previously it was considered… Continue Reading

Deep Cleaning Macedonian Style

Introducing You to “Generalka” Have you ever heard of this small yet beautiful country located in the heart of the Balkan Peninsula named Macedonia? Stunning nature all around populated with warm and welcoming people. The citizens will make you feel like home offering traditional Macedonian food created with much love and passion. Loud and friendly with… Continue Reading

How to Quickly Attract Buyers

How to Quickly Attract Buyers to Your House As a homeowner, you may occasionally find that you need to sell your home quickly. In a buyer’s market, it can be difficult to get your home listed and sold successfully. However, there are steps you can follow and projects you can undertake that will increase the… Continue Reading

The 3 Things to Do Before Moving into Your New Home

The 3 Things to Do Before Moving into Your New Home Moving into a new home is an exciting experience. You’ve got walls to paint, decorations to buy, and memories to start building in the house of your dreams! Of course, before you can start all that, you’ll need to get some of the hard… Continue Reading

Cardinals Clean House

The Short-Term and Long-Term Questions For The Arizona Cardinals Knowing that the team is right in the midst of a transition phase, the Arizona Cardinals find themselves in a balancing act of trying to build a team that can compete for years to come, while finding players who can also compete in an increasingly difficult… Continue Reading

How to Clean a Baseball Bat

Cleaning a Baseball Bat   When the need to clean a baseball bat arises its good to consider the hows, the whys and the whats. The performance of the player and the bat must be in tip top condition and consideration on keeping it clean reflects not only on performance, but also the players pride and respect… Continue Reading

Clean on the Green

Clean and green on the golfing scene. Scottsdale hosts what many consider the greenest golfing event on the calendar.  I love golf.  I love green.  My favourite football team (soccer to many) play in green.  I love Christmas trees.  I love when people think green.  I’m even partial to the odd Grinch or two.  I… Continue Reading

Cleaning with Vinegar in the Kitchen

Vinegar – Dieting, Roman healthy brews and 5 kitchen cleaning tricks, it really is a versatile solution! If one was to travel back in time and discuss eating and nutrition tips with Ancient Egyptians or Romans they would have very familiar ideas to our own current day diet fad followers.  Use some vinegar.  They might… Continue Reading

Christmas Clean Up

Christmas clean up is almost as sad to write as it is to carry out the actual task.  The whole process of cleaning away the festive cheer can often leave us deflated but on the other hand, many of us are happy to have our homes back to ‘normal’. One area that The Highland Cleaning… Continue Reading